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Selected Projects

A-B See-Do at the Diaspora Museum in Tel-Aviv

Communication is the foundation of every human community.
Through language, people are able to understand and be understood by others in their community. Our appreciation of the Hebrew language, and recognition of its importance in helping to create the culture in which we live is the basis for this unique exhibition.

“Otsar Milim” Center- (Vocabulary) – Gordon School Bat Yam

The Gordon School in Bat Yam is a unique school. The “Otsar Milim” learning center focuses on the Hebrew language from various aspects, allowing for local kids and visitors from outside, to enrich knowledge of the Hebrew language. Some of the specific play areas and interactives promote: reading, writing, speaking, expanding vocabulary and the ability of self-expression.
This center was developed with the school’s educational staff.

Multi-generational Park Yeruham

This park covers approx. 5 acres adjacent to the Mother and Child Center. It is designed to provide an interactive outdoor experience for the entire community. The park will enable the whole family to play either with the playground exhibits, sport facilities or the various tracks. This park with also focus on the various natural…

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