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About Us


Playplus specializes in developing content and interactive spaces, which encourage children and their families to explore and learn through play. The Company has set a focus to promote multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary learning through interactive means which enable anyone to learn in their own way and pace. The company believes that edutainment is the key for learning through play.

The Vision

To create Interactive spaces, an environment of personal growth that stimulates all senses and makes learning fun; Where the child takes the experience back home and enriches society.

The Mission

PLAYPLUS seeks to develop a interactive spaces that encourage a child’s curiosity in an open environment; to enable children through self discovering a hands-on exploration. To enhance personal development and emotional intelligence through role play which will result in increased involvement of the individual within society.

Core Values:

  1. Learning is achieved through experiential play and games
  2. Interactive spaces that encourage intergenerational interaction
  3. Independent discovery and play
  4. Every space much include a combination of high tech and low tech interactives
  5. Spaces should include physical play
  6. To acquire knowledge, there has to be a continuous learning proces

Working method:

Choosing a Theme
Concept Approva
Content Development
The detailed design and planning
The production management
Construction management
Marketing Strategy
Opening Review and accompaniment


Project Initiation
Content Development
Project Management,Supervision and Production
Consulting: Finance, Marketing, Sales, Strategy

The Founders

Tamar Hadar

Tamar Hadar is a professional marketing specialist with domestic and international success in operations and strategic planning in startups and multinational organizations. Tamar specializes in marketing, business development, promotions, sales development and client relations since 1998.
Tamar served as a senior director of global sales & marketing at Medinol, was a product manager at J&J and served as a planning and business development specialist at Eurotrust Financial services, Israel. Tamar also worked as a hi-tech sector marketing manager at Ernst Young.
Tamar is an active volunteer in the MBF, Macaabi World Union’s Business Forum; and volunteers in several social organizations.
Tamar received an MBA from the Interdisciplinary Center-Wharton program and holds a BA in International Relations and Political Sciences from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Efrat Adiv

Efrat Adiv is a content creator and marketing specialist, with over 16 years of experience in leading content theme based ventures, from their seed stage until they are fully operational and gain market prominence.

Efrat served as the VP of Marketing and sales at Dyada, a company that specializes in childhood and parenting related solutions. Previously she was Sales and Marketing director of Foodart, a leading Israeli catering company, that introduced a new concept of dining in Israel. Efrat has an extensive knowledge of the media and Internet industry, that she gained while working at Keshet, the major Israeli commercial TV franchise, and as Marketing Communications manager of the Channel 10 Television.

Education credentials include an MBA from the Interdisciplinary Center-Wharton Program and a BA in Business and Media from the College of Management in Tel Aviv.