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  1. Project Initiation
  2. Curation
  3. Content Development
  4. Project Management, Supervision and Production
  5. Consulting: Finance, Marketing, Sales, Strategy

The Founders aspire to establish of innovative interdisciplinary centers for learning.
Each space will:
Function as an age-diversified cultural and educational center
suitable for younger and older children (ages 1 and up);
PLAYPLUS will encourage interaction and communication
between cultural and social groups within society and among family members.
The role-playing concept acts as an innovative framework
The spaces will feature themed rooms and interactive exhibitions that integrate the concept and allow the visitors to learn through self- experience to develop additional viewpoints on any given situation.
Provide a toolset
that enables the visitors to experience the various exhibits at their own pace.
Strive to reflect Israeli society through its exhibitions
while stressing the values of tolerance and acceptance of minorities.
The exhibitions will involve both local society businesses and international exhibitions
 all based on teaching past, present and future aspects relating to each interactive concept.
 Playplus specializes in developing content and interactive spaces, which encourage children and their families to explore and learn through play.

All exhibits will feature a central display where children can experience through an active playground; each room will have activity corners that will enable an in depth exploration of the specific subject; in addition, the rooms will enable at least one opportunity for an in context role play that the child can chose the character he/ she wants to be today.
Another dimension of exploration will be through storyline routes that the museum provides.
Each exhibition room will provide a toolset that encourages asking questions about the world/subject as experienced in the space.