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Interactive Curation

Content Development

What We Do

Interactive Exhibitions
Playplus’s expertise is establishing and curating interactive exhibitions for the whole family. Spaces of various sizes, as part of the existing cultural institutions or independent stand-alone exhibitions. These exhibitions enable accessible information for the whole family so that visitors of all ages can learn from the game and enjoy while learning. An integral part of the curation process enables the visitor to experience trial and error, discovery and independent investigation; the process facilitates continuous exposure to various levels of information.
Unique Interactive Parks
Playplus develops conceptual story boards for interactive parks that provide a unique entertainment experience. The customer defines the space and we assist in identifying the relevant need. The planning process includes a conceptual program, then together with landscape architects we produce a structured layout of the space. We aim to include diverse visitors both in-terms of age and physical capabilities, when planning the outline of the terrain and the unique characteristics of the park. The parks are distinctive and will usually have identifying names.
Interactive Learning Spaces
Playplus specializes in developing learning spaces for the education sector; usually schools who wish to provide their teachers and students with interactive tools and learning methods, hence increasing the child’s curiosity and independent research. These interactive learning spaces are explicit and promote an idea or theme derived from the curriculum of the Education Ministry. These spaces empower both students and teachers, enabling an individual and / or group to experience learning through play both with and without guidance. These spaces also increase social involvement affecting the community in which they learn.

The Team

Tamar Hadar and Efrat Adiv are the founders and CEOs of Playplus. They are prominent business women with vast experience in marketing, sales and business development for local and International companies. They have focused on design and educational content curation in the past 8 years and have developed various types of interactive content, designed for the whole family.


Playplus specializes in developing content and interactive spaces, which encourage children and their families to explore and learn through play. The Company has set a focus to promote multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary learning through interactive means which enable anyone to learn in their own way and pace. The company believes that edutainment is the key for learning through play.

Recent projects:

  1. Lunada – The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Children’s Museum of Beersheva
  2. A-B-See-DO interactive exhibition for the whole family, Tel Aviv
  3. “Otsar Milim” Center- (Vocabulary) – Gordon School Bat Yam
  4. Yeruham Inter-generational Park