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Lunada – The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Children’s Museum of Beersheva

The Children’s Museum of Beer Sheva

The Lunada Museum is a unique project initiated by the Playplus Company for the municipality of Beer Sheve.
The Beer Sheva municipality continuously acts to improve the city resident’s quality of life. For this reason, side by side with Beer Sheva’s large variety of theatres, community centers, excellence centers, city parks, and multiple playgrounds, spread all over the city, and the many still to come, the city has set up the Lunada, the Children’s Museum of Beer Sheva, as an interactive place of entertainment and learning for the entire family.
A 54 dunam park is planned to be erected at the foot of Lunada in the not so far future.
Lunada is about the world around us, and it provides children the opportunity to understand and acquire tools to deal with topics consisting various parts of our daily life. Examples include: the world around us (maps), time management, money management, nutrition and how it affects our quality of life, interpersonal communication, self – expression, and expressing emotions, the existence of different languages and cultures, exposure to the world of art, understanding the solar system and the unique qualities of earth, and many other topics.

The Lunada
is an interactive, hands-on, experiencing museum for the entire family, the first of its kind in Israel, fostering learning through play.
The museum occupies an area of some 4000 square meters and offers about 50 unique exhibits spread over eight indoor galleries and two courtyards.
A museum for the entire family
The museum is suitable for children ages 0 to 12 and provides quality time and fun for the entire family
The playground of knowledge
The space where free play and learning meet, facilitating learning through play
The world and me
The museum covers topics from our the daily life, and provides the visitors with opening points for independent exploration and discovery