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“Otsar Milim” Center- (Vocabulary) – Gordon School Bat Yam

The Gordon School in Bat Yam is a unique school.

The “Otsar Milim” learning center focuses on the Hebrew language from various aspects, allowing for local kids and visitors from outside, to enrich knowledge of the Hebrew language.
Some of the specific play areas and interactives promote: reading, writing, speaking, expanding vocabulary and the ability of self-expression.
This center was developed with the school’s educational staff.

In addition to teaching and learning there is an underlying value of social involvement that encourages children to get involved, use teamwork, be patient and encourage each other.

There are 7 sections including:

  1. An Interactive Radio Station
  2. News Theater
  3. Computer Lab (educational computer games)
  4. Board Games
  5. A Screening Area
  6. Magnet Stories
  7. Interactive Library

Every section is a platform which content evolves on a daily basis and changes according to the age of the students and the subject that is being reviewed.