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A-B See-Do at the Diaspora Museum in Tel-Aviv

Communication is the foundation of every human community.

Through language, people are able to understand and be understood by others in their community. Our appreciation of the Hebrew language, and recognition of its importance in helping to create the culture in which we live is the basis for this unique exhibition.

The purpose of this exhibition is to expose both children and adults to the essence of the Hebrew language and language and communication in general. The exhibition focuses on language as an integral part of the culture in which it has developed, language as instrumental in renewal and revival, and language as an intrinsic promoter of dialogue among people.

Through play, discovery, and investigation, the exhibition broadens the visitor’s understanding of the role of language in everyday events and culture, while promoting family fun and learning. This exhibition is the first of its kind in which the Hebrew language is presented in an experiential, interactive, and entertaining way.

A-B-See-Do is in a 570 meter room, is comprised of over 20 interactive educational exhibits, and playground structures. Parents and children are invited to explore a multi sensual experience as part of the learning process. The visitors will be able to climb on the Gezer Tablets and decipher the text, build new words in the word-slot machines, use alternative languages like Braille and sign language, build the Tower of Babylon, learn about the history of their name and much more.